Returning for a second year, and organised by the Prefects of the class of 2016 this year’s ‘Joan Davies Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship Event’ will once again bring together some of the most successful female leaders in Ireland for a speaker series.

This year’s speakers will include:

Lynn Ruane:
Lynn Ruane is currently serving as an Independent Senator in Seanad Éireann. She was TCD Student Union President 2015/16 and is currently completing her final year of her degree as well. At 16 years of age, due to her pregnancy, she left school, however, years later she went back to study in a community education project, An Cosan and  went on to receive a diploma in Addiction Studies from ITT. For the next 15 years, she took part in community work and continues to fight against the injustice and inequality in her area.  Lynn is a member of the Education Committee and hopes to confront social issues including, drug usage, education funding, teacher training and homelessness during her time there.
Roisin Agnew:
Roisin Agnew is young 25 year old Irish-Italian journalist. Roisin studied English and Drama in Trinity College Dublin She currently runs her own publication called Guts. This is a bi-monthly magazine which is written in a confessional style, dealing with life in Dublin. She worked as a journalist for IMAGE magazine and ‘Totally Dublin’ prior to the launch of Guts. Roisin also collaborates with Lonely planet and The Irish Times, writing articles about travel, feminism and youth cultural issues.
“Anything that’s connected to writing in Ireland is an older generation. It’s grown stale. I want ‘Guts’ to be something that people our age will want to read.” (University Times interview with Roisin)
Hannah Saunders:
Hannah is an ex-Alex girl, who has started her own PR company. Works with Made in Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh and other well known clients.

Chloe Harris:

Chloe is owner of the Foodie Cafe. She started her business at age 23, with no degree or qualifications. She had worked in her family chain, Munchies, previously and had never planned to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Now, 3 years later, her business is running successfully.

Joan Mulvihill:

Joan Mulvhill is CEO of the Irish internet Association. She is originally from Ballymahon in Longford but now lives in Mulling and works in Dublin at the Digital Hub. She has been working there for 6 years now, previously Joan worked for BDO a chartered accountancy firm.


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