We were blessed with great weather for this year’s Fun Day, which was held last Friday, May 19th. The week before Fourth Years had held an assembly where they announced the theme for Fun Day – Alex Arcade. Each year group was given a particular video game to dress up as. They were Pokémon, Mario Bro’s, Fifa and Call of Duty. The Fifth-Years dressed up as gamers (people who play video games) and all Sixth Year students wore their uniform from First Year, which is an Alex tradition. Everyone made a huge effort to dress up and the students put in a massive effort to decorate the Concourse.


The day started out with debates. Two teams, consisting of students and teachers, discussed different topics with one side against the statement and the other agreeing with it. Before the surprise round, students were picked from the crowd to discuss topics such as Does pineapple belong on pizza?  Everyone enjoyed the debate.



In the afternoon students went out to the field to take part in Sports Day and even the teachers got involved! Activities included: girls wrestling with each other in giant sumo suits, penalty shootouts with the teachers, races and lots more events took place throughout the afternoon. The day concluded with a football match between students and teachers.



A great day was had by all!



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