On Tuesday, the Class of 2017 graduated from Alexandra College. The assembly was held in the heart of the school, the concourse, and the turnout was phenomenal. The girls all looked stunning as they gathered together for the last time as a year group.


The Principal, Barbara Ennis, gave a warm and very encouraging address to everyone at the assembly, especially to those who were graduating. Reverend Sonia Gyles also addressed the assembly and gave a touching blessing to all the Sixth Years for what lies ahead in their future.


Beautiful performances included:  Mr Brightside by the string quartet, For Good by the Sixth Year Ensemble, Ithaca by the Verse Speaking Choir and renditions of Wherever I Go and I Lived by the Sixth Year group.



Madeleine Diepman, president of the prefects, gave a heartfelt speech to her classmates and teachers about her time in Alex. Amy McDonnell, vice president of the prefects, read a Bible reading to the assembly.



While Aideen Corr closed the assembly, hearts were heavy, but the Class of 2017 is excited about the future. The girls each received a class ring to remember their time in Alex, however, with all the amazing memories they have created over the years, I don’t think they will ever forget their time at Alexandra College.



The girls gathered in the quadrangle, for the honoured tradition of the balloon release, something the girls had been looking forward to all day.



To the Class of 2017, we wish you all the best for the future and especially in your upcoming Leaving Certificate exams.





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