We are very proud of Alexandra College and we’re always delighted to talk to parents and girls about what we have to offer across the academic, creative, music and sporting aspects of College life. Our mission and ethos are strongly connected with the Church of Ireland, we have a diverse and inclusive student body, which reflects Irish society and welcomes equally, girls of every faith and those of no religious affiliation.

A pupil’s name may be entered for the College at any time, although early application is advised. Please fill out the admissions form below. Upon receipt of this information, further details may be required including a registration fee, a recent school report and birth certificate. The Admissions Officer will confirm receipt of the application form and be in touch without delay.

At this stage the pupil’s name is entered on the list, however, she is not guaranteed for entry until the acceptance deposit has been requested and received (usually two years prior to entry date). This deposit is not an additional charge but will be refunded after the pupil has left the College.

Choosing the right school for your daughter is an important decision and the Principal of Alexandra College and the Head of the Junior School are always pleased to see prospective parents and answer their questions. Please contact the College in advance for an appointment.

To request an application form please contact the admissions office by emailing admissions@alexandracollege.ie or by calling 00 353 1 4977571

Scholarships and Bursaries

At Alexandra College we have a long tradition of being accessible to students irrespective of parental income. Therefore those joining us can apply for financial support by way of scholarship or bursary.

Each year we offer a small number of Senior School scholarships to students based on an academic scholarship exam that takes place in December before the student joins us the following August. The scholarships cover tuition fees while the student is in the Senior School. Any prospective student in the final year of her primary education may apply using the Scholarship Examination Form.

We also provide financial assistance with tuition fees in the form of means-tested bursaries. Each application for a bursary is considered on its own merits and the amount paid will depend on the family’s financial situation. The application process is completely confidential and other students and parents are not aware that a bursary has been awarded to an individual. Bursaries can apply to new students or existing students, and we particularly welcome applications from the daughters of Church of Ireland clergy. Please contact us if you would like further information on our bursary process.

We look forward to hearing from you

We are very proud of what we have at Alexandra College and we hope you will be impressed by our many strengths. We would be delighted to welcome you to our campus so you can experience our atmosphere of vitality and enthusiasm at first hand. If this is not a practical option for you in the short term, we can of course arrange a telephone call with our College Principal, Barbara Ennis, at a time that is convenient to you.

Parent Testimonials

We asked the parents of our students if they would recommend Alexandra College and why. This is what they said:


‘Simply put, our daughter loves going to school.’

‘I would highly recommend the school in particularly the breadth of academic choice. Very professional school, fantastic facilities and a great ethos to challenge the girls to be the best.’

‘Alex helps develop its students into well-rounded mature young adults as well as having an excellent academic structure.’

‘Daughter blossomed in the school, the mixture of structure and high expectations suited her.’

‘Alex is not just a school that achieves fantastic academic results but it is also concerned with the students at all levels, academic, emotional and spiritual – it is these factors that make it such an exceptional place.’

‘Excellent school, our daughter is thriving in the whole culture of Alex.”Small classes, family atmosphere, excellent facilities, my daughters are very happy.’

‘Small classes, family atmosphere, excellent facilities, my daughters are very happy.’

‘Wide selection of activities/facilities available – sport, music, drama, art and more. A strong sense of community amongst the students. Strong academic record.’

‘Encourages girls to be confident and independent learners.’

‘My daughter is very happy and ‘lives’ in the school. She seems confident and proud of her school. The teachers were all very impressive at the PT meeting in terms of constructive and detailed feedback. The girls are shown open doors to all careers, sports and aim high. She has made some lovely grounded friends.’

‘Lovely family like atmosphere, good results, sports and music facilities.’

Alex is not just a school that achieves fantastic academic results but it is also concerned with the students at all levels, academic, emotional and spiritual – it is these factors that make it such an exceptional place.

Alumnae Testimonials

‘I studied at Alexandra College from 2005-2011. I am currently in my final year at the University of Birmingham studying a B.A. in English Literature. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Alex as a border and made some great friends along the way. Alex gave me so many opportunities that I would not have had anywhere else and I wouldn’t be who I am today if I had not been an Alex girl.’ – Indi Abrahams.

‘I enjoyed the freedom of boarding at Alex and made good friends. I entered the Bank of Ireland, College Green in August 1959, and then I was the youngest lady official in the bank.’ – Brenda Auchmuty

‘I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Alex particularly all the friends I made and my time on the hockey pitch! The facilities – particularly in relation to sport were amazing and fueled my interested in sport which I have carried with me since leaving the school.’ – Nicola Tate

‘I went to Trinity College after Alex where I qualified as a solicitor. I became the first woman partner in A&L Goodbody in 1980, which I remained for the next 15 years. I left there to become the first woman Executive Director and General Counsel in The Irish Times – a position I held for 8 years when I left to establish my own firm Erwin Mediation Services. In May 2013 I became 50% owner and Executive Chairperson of Ganly Walters estate agency and this with my mediation practice keeps me out of mischief.’ – Karen Erwin

‘I graduated from Alex at 18 after being in Alex since the age of 4! I have very happy memories from my time in the Junior School. It’s only since leaving school that I appreciate how the Alex philosophy helped me to be a confident young woman.’ – Rachel Doak Howe

‘Some of my dearest friends are the girls that I met in Alex. My six years provided me with the opportunity to find myself and my sense of independence. The strong ethos of diversity in all areas of education including sport, music and drama gave me the opportunity to invest myself within society and to reap the rewards of encouragement and success.’ – Georgina Fitzgerald

‘In Alex, it is the relationships between the teachers and the pupils that gets everyone through at the end of the day. I had some brilliant teachers in Alex who I will be thankful for always. I also had great girlfriends. Some of those relationships have solidified even more so in post school years.’ – Elaine Lavery

We sat down with our 2016-2017 Prefects and asked them about their time at Alexandra College.

College Fees

Schedule of Fees for 2016/17 Academic Year
Junior School

ECCE Scheme € 2,774
Non ECCE Scheme € 4,900

Prep Department – (Kg Lwr / Kg Upr / J1) € 6,722
Junior School – (J2 – J6) € 7,293

5 Day Boarder – (includes day fee) € 16,820
7 Day Boarder – Irish Resident (includes day fee) € 17,870
7 Day Boarder – International (includes day fee) € 18,890

Junior School – Stationery fee € 60
Parents Association – (JACA) € 20
Pupil Insurance € 8
The Alexandran Yearbook € 30
Swimming (J1 – J6) – 8 week lessons € 80

Musical Instrument – (solo) € 1,200 Yearly Charge
Musical Instrument – (shared) € 600 Yearly Charge
Musical Instrument – (J1 – J4) (piano only) – 30 minute lesson € 1,000 Yearly Charge
Singing – (solo) € 1,200 Yearly Charge
Singing – (shared) € 600 Yearly Charge
Speech & Drama (KgLwr / KgUpr) – 30 minute lesson € 200 Yearly Charge
Speech & Drama (J1 – J6) – 45 minute lesson € 350 Yearly Charge
RC Religion Classes (J1) – 30 minute lesson € 60 Yearly Charge
RC Religion Classes (J2 – J6) – 45 minute lesson € 120 Yearly Charge
Ballet (Pre-school / KgLwr / KgUp) € 200 Yearly Charge
Playball (Pre-school /KgLwr / KgUpr / J1) € 200 Yearly Charge
Tennis (J1 – J6) € 200 Yearly Charge
Voluntary Development Contribution € 250 Yearly Charge


Schedule of Fees for 2016/17 Academic Year
Senior School

Day Pupil € 7,099
5 Day Boarder – (includes day fee) € 16,871
7 Day Boarder – Irish Resident (includes day fee) € 17,891
7 Day Boarder – International (includes day fee) € 18,911
English Classes for International Students € 1,300 Mandatory

Parents Association € 20
Pupil Insurance € 8
The Alexandran Yearbook € 30
Transition 4th Year (Trips etc.) € 650

Musical Instrument (solo) € 1,200
Musical Instrument (shared) € 600
Singing (solo) € 1,200
Singing (shared) € 600
Speech and Drama (shared) € 600
Voluntary Development Contribution € 250
Alex Alumnae Lifetime Membership (6th Yr) € 100

Terms & Conditions - Fees

Terms & Conditions – Alexandra College Fees

Download Terms & Conditions here: 2014-05-02 ACD Fee Policy – Terms & Conditions

1. Application fee

1.1 There is a non-refundable charge of €150 upon application. This is to cover the

administrative cost of processing an application.

1.2 The application fee is waived for a second or subsequent daughter that applies to
Alexandra College.

2. Deposit

2.1 When a student’s application is accepted and a place offered, the fee payer will be asked
for a deposit to hold a place for their daughter in the school year specified.

2.2 The deposit charged is €1,000 for a day student and €1,250 for a boarder.

2.3 The deposit is offset against the students final fee invoice, generally in 6th year.

2.4 If the fee payer does not provide the required notice to remove their daughter(s) from
Alexandra College, they will be charged one (1) term’s ‘fees in lieu of notice’. Their
deposit is offset against the ‘fee in lieu’ of notice (see 3.1).

2.5 Once a place is offered, accepted and the deposit is paid, if it is decided, for whatever
reason, that the student will not be taking her place, the deposit paid is non-refundable.

3. Fees in lieu of notice

3.1 If the decision is taken that a student is to be removed from Alexandra College, it is
required that the fee payer give one (1) terms notice in writing to the Principal. If the fee
payer fails to give this notice, a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be incurred. This applies
with day fees and boarding charges.

3.2 This also applies if the status of a student changes from boarder to day student.
3.3 There are three (3) terms in the college year :

a) Term 1: September to Christmas
b) Term 2: January to Easter
c) Term 3: Post Easter to End of Year

4. School fees/direct debt payments

4.1 School fees are charged in two parts.

a) The first invoice is sent out in the August preceding the school year being charged.
b) The second invoice is sent out in January of that year. For example for the academic
year 13/14 the invoices were sent out on the 17th of August 2013 and the 17th of Jan
2014. The college will send the invoice out by post at least two weeks before the first
direct debit run.

4.2 It is school policy that all fees are paid by direct debit (DD).

4.3 Fee payers can choose to pay in two (2) or eight (8) instalments.

a) For those paying in two (2) instalments the DD run is carried out on the 1st
working day of September and February. Page 2 of 3
b) For those paying in eight (8) instalments the DD run is carried out on the 1st
working day in September, October, November, December, February, March, April
and May.

4.4 If a DD fails the fee payer will be notified in writing by the school. The fee payer is then
requested to pay the amount of the last DD payment immediately by another method
(cheque/bank draft).

4.5 The fee payer is liable for any bank charges as a result of the failed DD.

4.6 Refunds cannot be made in respect of students who, for any reason, are absent during
the school year.

4.7 Fees for non EU students are due in full in advance of the start of term.

5. Extra curricular activities

5.1 There are a number of extra curricular charges that are charged separate to college fees.

5.2 These fees are payable by the fee payer by DD.

5.3 Current extra curricular charges are as follows :

a) Music charges solo €1,050 (optional)
b) Music charges shared € 530 (optional)
c) Speech & drama € 530 (optional)
d) English lessons €1,100 (when required)
e) Transition year charge € 650 (trips & workshop)

6. Online payments

6.1 Fee payers will be informed of any other miscellaneous charges, as an when they arise.

6.2 It is envisioned that these miscellaneous charges will not exceed €100 in a given year.

6.3 Fee payers are required to pay for these charges via our website, using the online
payments portal.

7. Personal pupil insurance

7.1 A fee of €8 will be deducted from each fee payer, per student, per year for personal
injury 24 hour cover.

7.2 The fee will be deducted by DD, and will be detailed on the first invoice in September.

7.3 The onus is on the fee payer to inform the finance team, if they do not want this cover in

7.4 The onus is on the fee payer to ensure that all personal equipment belonging to the fee
payer/student, e.g. musical instruments, bicycles, mobile phones, etc are covered under Page 3 of 3
their own home insurance policy as accidental damage to same, are not covered under
the College’s Insurance Policy.

7.5 The college is not responsible or liable for the repair/replacement to personal

Direct Debit Payments Schedule

Below are the dates for the direct debit deductions from your nominated account



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