1. Students are permitted one mobile phone per person. Juniors, 1st and 2nd Year, must hand in their phones to the office before bed every night.

2. Students are permitted iPads, which are monitored on the school’s network and restrictions are set in place on what can be downloaded.

3.  All Wi-Fi in boarding is switched off at 10.30pm every night.

4. Our rooms in boarding vary from one, two or four girls per room. Students in 5th and 6th year are allocated single rooms.

5. There are washing and tumble-drying facilities available for students to use.

6. A coffee dock in the dining room, which has a toaster, kettle and microwave, is available to all students at all times. Students in 5th and 6th-year have a fully fitted kitchen where they can prepare their own meals.

7. At weekends there are organised activities and trips available for students. Not all of these trips are mandatory.

8. There are study facilities available in the boarding house. 5th and 6th-year students have the option of studying in their room’s.

9. Girls may use public transport to explore the city if they have a mobile phone, otherwise, taxis must be taken for safety reasons. There are local shops that girls can take advantage of also.

10. All boarding staff sleep in the Boarding House with the girls. Campus gates are locked each night at 6.oopm and boarders must ring the bell to gain access. The boarding house is wired with an alarm.

11. We encourage students to have their own bank accounts for parents to guide them in basic money management.


To find out more about boarding at Alexandra College visit the boarding page on our website.