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Alexandra College

Academic Performance

At Alexandra College we are very proud of our excellent record in the State Examinations.

Every year the grades and points obtained by our girls comfortably exceed the national averages.

This means that they have a great opportunity to pursue further studies at the third level college of their choice.

Below is a summary of state exam results in recent years years.

  • 2017 Leaving Certificate Results
  • 2016 Leaving Certificate Results
  • 2015 Leaving Certificate Results
  • 2014 Leaving Certificate Results

Leaving Certificate

Our girls typically study seven subjects for the Leaving Certificate exam each year.

From an early stage, we encourage each girl to work hard and challenge herself, with the result that our students take more than 80% of papers at a higher level each year.

Applications to Irish third-level colleges are managed by the Central Applications Office, who base eligibility on each student’s best six results in the Leaving Certificate – representing a maximum score of 625 points. At a national level, the average Leaving Certificate student scores around 300 points and most national university courses require 300-500 points. So there is a lot of competition for places, with many courses in subjects like medicine and law requiring more than 500 points.

We have a strong record of points obtained by our girls, with an average score each year comfortably above 400 points and more than 30% of girls achieving more than 500 points (compared to a national average of less than 10%), as shown in the below.

Junior Certificate

We also have a strong record in the Junior Certificate examinations each year, with 98% of papers taken at higher level.