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Fee Information 2019/2020 

Terms & Conditions - Fees

Application Fee

There is a non-refundable charge of €150 upon application.

This is to cover the administrative cost of processing an application.

The application fee is waived for a second or subsequent daughter that applies to Alexandra College.


When a student’s application is accepted and a place offered, the fee payer will be asked for a deposit to hold a place for their daughter in the school year specified.

The deposit charged is €1,000 for a day student and €1,250 for a boarder.

The deposit is offset against the student’s final fee invoice, generally in 6th year.

If the fee payer does not provide the required notice to remove their daughter(s) from Alexandra College, they will be charged one (1) term’s ‘fees in lieu of notice’. Their deposit is offset against the ‘fee in lieu’ of notice.

Once a place is offered, accepted and the deposit is paid, if it is decided, for whatever reason, that the student will not be taking her place, the deposit paid is non-refundable.

Fees in lieu of notice

If the decision is taken that a student is to be removed from Alexandra College, it is required that the fee payer gives one (1) terms notice in writing to the Principal.

If the fee payer fails to give this notice, a term’s fees in lieu of notice will be incurred. This applies to day fees and boarding charges. This also applies if the status of a student changes from boarder to day student.

There are three (3) terms in the college year :

  1. Term 1: September to Christmas
  2. Term 2: January to Easter
  3. Term 3: Post Easter to End of Year

School fees/direct debt payments

Invoices are sent out in June proceeding the school year being charged.

The college will send the invoice out by post at least two weeks before the first direct debit run.

It is school policy that all fees are paid by direct debit (DD).

Fee payers can choose to pay in two (2) or eight (8) instalments.

Schedule of Direct Debit Payments 2019/20

For DD schedule see link above.

If a DD fails the fee payer will be notified in writing by the school.

The fee payer is then requested to pay the amount of the last DD payment immediately by another method (cheque/bank draft).

The fee payer is liable for any bank charges as a result of the failed DD. Refunds cannot be made in respect of students who, for any reason, are absent during the school year. Fees for non-EU students are due in full in advance of the start of the academic year.

Extracurricular activities

There are a number of extracurricular charges that are charged separately to college fees.

Online payments

Fee payers will be informed of any other miscellaneous charges, as an when they arise.

Fee payers are required to pay for these charges via our website, using the online payments portal.

Personal pupil insurance

A fee of €8 will be deducted from each fee payer, per student, per year for personal injury 24-hour cover.

The responsibility is on the fee payer to ensure that all personal equipment belonging to the fee payer/student, e.g. musical instruments, bicycles, mobile phones, etc are covered under their own home insurance policy as accidental damage is not covered under the College’s Insurance Policy.

The college is not responsible or liable for the repair/replacement to personal belongings.