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Alexandra College

Culwick Competition 2019

Wednesday the 20th of November saw the culmination of weeks of hard work, team building and strategy unfold in the Concourse for our annual Culwick Choral Competition for Self-Trained Choirs. The atmosphere around the school in the final week is electric, with every group vying for rehearsal space. The day of the competition is especially busy as all the groups make their final preparations; uniforms are unified, props prepared and pep talks given as the rest of the school watches on from the side lines.
This year our adjudicator was Mary Pembrey, a highly regarded musician and Director of Opera. Mary's job was made difficult by the standard of this year's choirs, but her decision to award 6th years with the Senior category Gwladys Jones Cup and 3H with the Junior category Culwick Cup was well received. The announcements of each met with standing ovations from the rest of the girls. 




Solo singing

The Geraldine Temple Lang Cup 2019 (Years 1 to 3)

1st Prize Carla Moran

2nd Prize Iseult Law


Very Highly Commended

Lily McKenna

Abby Creedon


Highly Commended

Nancy Henry

Eliza Duffy



Isabel Saeed-Maguire

Zita Schuster

Eva MacCartney


The Jean Dolan Cup 2019 (Years 4 to 6)

1st Prize Rachel Wallace

2nd Prize Zoe Maguire & Rachel O’Sullivan


Very Highly Commended

Alexandra Natin

Gabrielle Macleod-Nairn


Highly Commended

Anabel O’Hora

Tory May Finnerty

Caragh Foley



Charlotte Delahunt

Ella O’Connell

Allina Byrne


The Gladys Ruddock prize for presentation, years   I-III.        2R


The Gladys Ruddock prize for presentation, years  IV-VI       6th Year      


The Anne Cassidy award for best accompanist, years  I-III   Catherine Min (1H)


The J. Pomeroy award for best accompanists, years  IV-VI   Grace O’Duffy (4th Yr)


The Brenda Wilkes award for best conductor, years  I-III      Sae Miyauchi (1R)


The Molly Dunlop Cup for best conductor, years  IV-VI         Nancy Henry (4th Yr)


The Culwick Cup for self-trained choirs, years  I – III              3H


The Gwladys Jones Cup for self-trained choirs, years  IV-VI 6th Year


The adjudicator’s prize to be awarded at her discretion: For their professionalism & ability to keep going and remain calm in a difficult circumstance    1H