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Junior School News 17 January 2020

Dates for Your Diary


Tuesday 21st          J2 Swimming

Thursday 23rd      Year book photos (see info below)

Friday 24th            International Coffee Morning for parents - 

                                Wilde and Green 8.45am

                                J2 trip to The Ark

                                J6 visit Irish Aid


From the Office

Yearbook Photos:

Yearbook photos will be taken next Thursday, January 23rd. Class groups, committees, choir, orchestra, team sports etc. will all be done. J2-J6 need to come to school in their brown uniforms. The girls need to bring in their red uniform to change into if they are on sports teams or have a sporting activity that day. The girls in the orchestra need to have their instruments too.


Attention – Upcoming Events for International Parents


Friday, January 24th Coffee Morning for parents – Wilde and Green 8.45am

Friday, March 6th    Drinks in Ashton’s, Clonskeagh from 8pm


In Other News……………………

Spreading Kindness!


At the start of the year, we talked in our morning assemblies about the importance of “Choosing Kind” every time. Class teachers were asked to pick two girls in their class who showed kindness to others in lots of different ways.


PSLr             Sua Bilasy and Lily Ranalow

PSUpr          Charlotte Leonard and Pearl Kelly

KGLr           Lila Cahill and Claudia Murphy

KGUpr        Alex Doyle and Amy Mintern

J1                 Sadeem Alahmadi and Cadhla Hardy

J2R               Molly Cahill and Eva Lalor

J2W              Sophie Molloy and Layla Kelly

J3R               Katelyn Anderson and Bélen Mc Keagney

J3W              Chloé Corcoran and Niamh O’Neill

J4R               Eva Duffy and Sofia Sambataro

J4W             Mary Paloni and Claudia Kelly

J5R              Sophia Kelly and Emily De Marco

J5W              Lucy Mc Feely and Hannah Fitzgerald

J6R                Isabel Mc Keagney and Emma Colgan

J6W              Charlie Wilson and Ciara Mc Gowan


Happy New Year Everyone!

We were all delighted to return to school and to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2020. The Kg Lower girls enjoyed making New Year's resolutions and a creative leaf for their Wishing Tree. We agreed that we would work hard to achieve goals and to help each other along the way..

During our first week back, we made very special 'Thank You' cards for our family, thanking them for a lovely Christmas.

We have enjoyed coming together to talk about our class friendships, and how we can show even more kindness around our school.

                               Kindness – it costs nothing, but means everything.




My Lovely Horse Rescue Volunteers Visit the Junior School 


The JS girls were thrilled when Martina, Anthony and Fiona brought some animals that they have rescued over the years to Alex today. They spoke about all the work that they do with the animals that they rescue - bringing them from horrific situations of neglect bIMG_0222.jpgack to a happy, healthy life in caring, loving  homes. All animals need to be loved and cared for.  The girls were delighted when they got to pet the kittens and dogs. We all agreed that we will fundraise to help the 75 volunteers in this charity continue to help and care for abandoned animals. 


Our Trip to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2020

Last Friday, both the J6 classes went on a trip to the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in the RDS. We left the school shortly after break. Everyone was really excited to see all the projects. It wasn't long before we arrived at the RDS.  The RDS was full of amazing projects! The students there were representing schools from all over Ireland, including the girls from Alex Senior School. There were lots of different  types of projects. Some were about climate change, road safety and one was about how your fingerprint can match your personality. Not only was the RDS surrounded with interesting projects, but there were really cool exhibitions too. 

There was an exhibition where the guards were there and you would get to see inside the police car and one where they put the prisoners in. There were also firemen there who showed you how to do CPR. They also showed us inside the rescue van. There we could see where they would put the stretcher and that if there was a person in it, it would take 7 people to carry one! 

Another exhibition that was really cool was where there was a tap not connected to anything, but the water was still coming out. It turns out that there was an invisible tube that was bringing the water back up and the water that was coming down was shooting out down the sides of the tubes. It was very clever! 

The RDS also had loads of fun games. But the game that was really challenging was the ‘Crack the Code’ game, where you were given a sheet of paper with clues and you would have to try solve the three letter code. 

We left the RDS around lunchtime and found out that two boys from Cork won the competition. 

We had great fun at the RDS and learnt lots of different things!


By Tara Lennon, J6W



J6R - Facts on Water

In J6 Red this week, we have been learning about how water comes from rivers, lakes and other sources and goes through a detailed process before it is safe enough to be brought to our taps and used in our homes. We know that our Green Schools Committee has been doing a lot of work about water as we try to gain our next Green Flag award.

We learned that the water we drink comes from freshwater sources. That means that it does not come from the sea, but from rivers, lakes or reservoirs. Here, it is called Raw Water. It is screened to remove any big objects like sticks, stones or even fish. But don't worry, no fish get hurt during the process. 

The water is then clarified. This means that special chemicals bind the dust in the water together to make a sludge called floc which sinks to the bottom. The clean water runs off to the next stage. The water is now filtered. It goes through layers of sand in filtration tanks to remove any small pieces of dirt. Next, the water is disinfected using chlorine and fluoride to get rid of any tiny micro-organisms like bacteria which can make us sick as well as protecting our teeth.

The water is tested in a laboratory and is only allowed to be stored and distributed if it passes very strict tests.

It takes three days for water to be treated correctly and made safe enough to drink. Now that we know all of the work that goes into making our drinking water safe and that we don't drink water from the sea, it is even more important that we SAVE AND PROTECT OUR WATER.



Alex Voices!

The Alex Voices Parents’ choir has been running almost 10 years now. Every year the choir sings at many fun events. This year there are more events than ever planned, including:


  • Give us a Song Fundraiser for The Caroline Foundation – Feb
  • Alexandra College Music Dept Spring concert - Mar
  • Concert for patients at The Harold’s Cross Hospice  - April
  • Concert for patients at Donnybrook Hospital – May
  • 15th International Choir Festival Nice 2020, Cote d’Azur - Oct
  • Hope Concert in Alexandra College Senior School - Nov
  • Messiah from Scratch, Royal Albert Hall, London - Nov


A few spaces have opened up in our male bass and tenor lines. If you are a bass or tenor and are interested in learning more about the choir, or would like to drop into one of our Tuesday evening rehearsals from 7.30-9.30pm, please contact Michelle Gibbons on 087 600 3661 or email