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Alexandra College

Junior School News 7 February 2020

Dates for Your Diary

Feb. 10th -14th         Friendship Week (activities all week)

                                  Scholastic Book Fair (10/11/12th)

Monday 10th           JACA Committee Meeting 7pm

Tuesday 11th            Visiting author – Sarah Webb for J3-J6

                                   J2 Swimming

Thursday 13th         Visiting author -Gerry Daly – preschool to J2

                                   Strings Concert  7pm in Senior School concourse

Friday 14th              Mid-term break. Full school day. Aftercare open until 6.00pm


From the Office

Scholastic Book Fair – Feb. 10/11/12th

One of our favourite events of the year is the Scholastic Book Fair. This will take place next week in the JS concourse. Hundreds of books for all ages will be available to buy. The school earns 60% commission on all the books sold at the Fair. Therefore, every class will benefit from lots of new books and teaching resources from this. Cash only please.

We look forward to seeing you at the Book Fair!


In Other News………

General Election Time!

With polling day coming up tomorrow, J5R have been looking at the election process and the issues they feel are affecting Ireland today. They picked the 3 most important  areas to focus on, in their opinion, and then tried to form parties with like-minded classmates. Today, the 4 main parties and one independent candidate spoke in assembly about what they would do to improve Ireland if they were voted into power. 

They  have also been watching the real-life candidates and their manifestos closely and held their own in-class leaders debate where some tricky questions were put to the party leaders.

Well done, girls.  Lots of great relevant issues were brought up and we definitely have some leaders of the future in this class!



Mock Election in J4R!

J4R have been learning all about the general election. We made our own political parties and came up with manifestos, logos and slogans. The parties were the Party Animals, Stitches, A Green Change, A Green World and the Peace Party. Our parties and candidates did a lot of work canvassing the J1 - J6 classes. While they did that, another group set up the polling station and made ballot papers, polling cards and ballot boxes. 

On Wednesday 5th February we held our mock election in our classroom, which we transformed into a polling station. We haven't finished counting the votes yet but we are looking forward to finding out who the successful candidates were. Thank you to everyone who voted in our election! 

by Sophie and Aurora, J4R


Our Community Helpers

The Preschool Upper girls enjoyed learning about Community Helpers this week and welcomed the visit of a paediatrician to the school, Sandra Walsh (Charlotte's mum) who engaged the children with an interactive slide show explaining about the use of syringes, medicine, the doppler portable heartbeat monitor, the drip, use of crutches, bandages, slings etc. The girls went to the tables and were shown how to use the syringes that they filled with water. They enjoyed putting the stethoscopes on and taking each others’ heartbeat. Sandra showed the girls how to put on bandages and the sling. They even managed to use a pair of crutches walking around the room. They were so excited by the end of the visit, they could not wait to draw a picture of themselves as a doctor using the medical equipment. Thank you Sandra for a very enjoyable visit!


The Chandeleur

This week the girls celebrated the Chandeleur during French class. The Chandeleur is a French festival that occurs every year on the 2nd of February and celebrates the light after the dark winter days. As the French would do, they enjoyed a lot of crêpes with all kinds of toppings listening to their favorite French songs.