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Junior School News

11th October 2019

Dates for Your Diary


Tuesday 15th            Swimming J5/J6

Wednesday  16th    No Ballet classes for Preschool/KGLr/KGUpr

Thursday 17th          J3 go to Cool Planet Experience

Friday 18th               International Coffee Morning for parents – Wilde and Green                                           8.45am


From The Office

Thank you!

The Junior School girls were excited to send their cuddly bears to accompany all the other bears making the big journey to India in two weeks’ time. They send their best wishes for safe travels and trust all the bears will provide continued love and joy whilst settling in with their special new owners.

School Photos

Julie Mc Coy will be in to take photos during the week of Oct. 21-24th. A consent form was sent home to everyone this week in schoolbags and by email – the photographer will not take photos without a signed consent form. (


Wedding News - Ms. King (J4W)

We would all like to give our best wishes to Ms. King and Joel as she will get married next Friday, October 18th.


In Other News…………………


Founder’s Day - Happy 153rd Birthday, Alexandra College!

 As we celebrated the College’s birthday today, our J4W students led assembly today on the topic. They did amazing projects on famous Alexandrans such as Ann Jellicoe, Henrietta White, Ivana Bacik, Deirdre Doyle, Rachel Allen, Molly Baggot Stack, Kathleen Lynn Helen Chenevix, Louie Bennett and Grace Gifford.

We all sang Happy Birthday to the College and recited our school creed. We are all so proud to be a part of the Alexandra College Community! Well done, J4W.



SEAI Workshops (J3/J6)

Last Friday, Emily from the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) came to the Junior School to give a workshop to the J6s.

 During the workshop we learned about different types of sustainable energy and how we can make small changes in our daily lives to help this global crisis known as Global Warming. One of the things that Emily said that really stuck with me was that we shouldn’t be getting too sad or down about Global Warming, we should be taking action instead. We learned about energy and how it is transferred from one object to another. We used a Newton's Cradle to show energy being transferred from one small ball to another.

This workshop really helped my understanding of Global Warming. I learned a lot about different types of sustainable energy. Even though it was just a short workshop of one hour, it really was very informative.

Thank you to Emily and everybody in the SEAI and the J6 teachers for organising this fantastic workshop.   

By Anna Perryman, J6W 



J3 LEGO Workshop

In school this week, we had a Lego workshop with a lovely woman called Kathy. She taught us  some techniques on how to build towers and make sure they stayed up. We each had to have five Lego bricks in one line, and then another line and another until we got to 21 layers. Then we used our imaginations with figures and accessories to create pieces like houses and gardens. If you were finished early you got to make a boat! It was a great experience and everyone was busy and had lots of fun. 



National Singing Week

This week, Sing Ireland (an association which promotes group singing particularly) is encouraging people from all over Ireland to sing together. They chose this week to coincide with World Mental Health Day which was on Thursday October 10th.

Research has shown that singing as part of a group has huge benefits for physical and mental well-being.

  • It helps with breathing, posture and muscle tension

  • It exercises the brain

  • It gives us a feeling of togetherness

  • It releases endorphins which help improve our mood

  • It helps us to relax and helps to reduce anxiety levels

 This week, to celebrate National Group Singing Week in association with World Mental Health Awareness Day Kg Lr, J1, J3 and J4 sang at Assembly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

On Thursday we even had some audience participation.

Mary Fitzgerald (Head of Music in Junior School)


EU Code Week

To celebrate EU Code Week, J5 and J6 students spent their IT/Coding lesson working with Sphero. Sphero a very cute, tennis ball sized robot that can be programmed to do all sorts of fun and engaging STEM activities. Using a block-based programming language, students worked in pairs to program Sphero to do a variety of tasks, including a rainbow which repeats forever and a colourful hexagon pattern.


Sports Update


 J6 Hockey

Our J6 girls had the opportunity to play some friendly matches against KPS on Monday afternoon. The girls played well and enjoyed the round robin matches.

Leinster Schools Swimming Competition

Good luck to the following girls who will compete this Sunday in the Leinster School Swimming competition at the NAC:


Emily De Marco

Zahra Tran-Butler

Kate O’Mahony

Laura Van Buylaere