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Junior School News 

27th September 2019


Dates for Your Diary

Monday 30th September            JACA Committee Meeting 7pm

Tuesday 1st  October                    Swimming J5/J6

Friday 4th October                       SEAI workshops for J6


From the Office

Drama Department

We would like to welcome Ms Oonagh Mc Laughlin to the Drama department. Oonagh has been the Outreach Programmer and Drama Facilitator with the Gaiety School of Acting since 2003. She works on the Young Gaiety Course as tutor and is also teaching in St. Matthew's National School in Sandymount. She has an MA in Theatre Studies and Social Policy and has a Postgrad in Community Arts Education from NCAD. Ms Mc Laughlin will work alongside Ms Quinn teaching Drama to the Junior School students.


Final reminder that if you have not already downloaded the Komeer App and signed up to receive alerts from Alexandra College, please do so as soon as possible. As of 1st October, we will no longer be sending text messages from the school, we will be using Komeer as our primary method of communication with parents. Please make sure you are signed up and that you have turned notifications on for the app. If you do not have a smart phone or you cannot download the app for any reason, Komeer can also be used on a desktop at

Appeal for Cuddly Toys!

Our family began our Indian charity work through our local church in Dublin city, approximately. 15 years ago. Our registered charity runs on a small scale, which allows us to ensure that 100% of the funds we receive go directly to those that we seek to help.  Projects that  we fund vary from bore well placement, Leprosy Mission Housing and Care programmes,  to education and feeding programmes amongst children form a variety of backgrounds (Gypsy and Irula children).


Every year, we travel to India to work amongst the people there that we support and to distribute much needed supplies and clothing etc. This year we will travel on October 24th with a team of 14 volunteers. In the past,  the Alex support has been amazing! You have assisted us to fund the building of an amazing playground and also the building of 8 houses in a gypsy camp where families were living in shocking conditions. This year we would like to ask if the girls would like to sort through some of their cuddly toys and donate one or two (max) that are in good condition that we can give to the children that we will meet. On our last visit, the children were delighted with some of the cuddly toys we brought as most of them have never owned one. 


Mrs.Lamplugh has kindly allowed us to request that the girls bring their donated cuddly toys between Monday 7th October- Friday 12th October. We will get packing and ensure that the toys find new homes in the arms of a little boy or girl in India !! 

Thank you,

Patrick, Sian, Rachel, Rhian & Hannah Joy Fitzgerald


News from the Music Department


JS Music Captains announced:


J6 – Athena Wiley and Lucianne Gannon

J5 – Jahan Mangat and Sorcha Moran


JS Orchestra

This group meets on  Tuesday at lunchtime (12.40pm)It is open to any student from J2-J6 who has played an instrument for at least 2 years. The orchestra is directed by Ms. O’Rourke.


JS Choir

The choir (J3-J6) meets on Monday mornings from 7.50-8.30am in the Gym. The choir is directed by Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Murray.


Climate Change/Protecting Our World



Kg Lower were delighted to present in assembly this morning following this week's theme on 'Climate Change' and 'Protecting Our World'.

On Wednesday the author, Audrey Moore read her books to the Kindergarten classes. Everyone enjoyed listening to her great adventure stories and having the opportunity to ask her questions about her work as an author.

Inspired by Audrey's story, 'Rainforest Rescue', Kg Lower enjoyed drawing their favourite part and discussing and learning more about endangered animals.
Today in assembly we shared an informative programme and song to help us all to consider what we can do to look after our planet and all that lives on it.
It was great to see how confidently the Kg Lower girls could present their creative work and ideas. Super job, Kg Lower! Well done.

Just like the other presenters this week, Kg Lower hope they have also encouraged everyone to think more about their day to day recycling and care more for our special planet.

by Ms Boyd


J6 Trip to Carlingford


All the J6s met at the school really early last Thursday morning. As soon as everyone got there, we got on the buses. Everyone was so excited! When we arrived in Carlingford, our leader, Cormac, was waiting for us. We walked through the lovely town, to the entrance of the centre. We went into a room filled with couches and sat down. Cormac told us what we were going to be doing over the next 2 days. After that we dropped off our bags  and went to the Sky Park.


The Sky Park was amazing! It is a massive ziplining course, filled with obstacles and ziplines in the air. We went and got our harnesses, everyone was super excited! When we finished ziplining, we went to lunch. When we all finished lunch we went kayaking! We got into our swimsuits and walked down to the pier. At the pier, there were loads of kayaks waiting for us. We got into wetsuits and helmets. We launched the kayaks off the beach which was right beside the pier. We kayaked out to this massive trampoline on water. Beside the trampoline there was a pontoon we tied our kayaks onto the pontoon and then went on the trampoline. It was so much fun! After that we kayaked back to shore. When we had put the kayaks back, we went pier jumping! It was great fun! Afterwards we went to dinner. When we finished dinner, we went on a lovely walk up to a huge forest. In the forest we played Laser Tag! Laser Tag is when you put on a camouflage suit, a headband and get a laser gun. You go into a forest and try and shoot the other team. We had two teams -Ms Mahon’s team which was red and Mr Fitzgerald’s team which was blue. We all went into the forest dressed up in our camouflage suits and with our laser guns in our hands. In the forest there were wooden barriers everywhere, so you could hide behind them and shoot other people! There was also a castle in the very centre of the forest! Everyone started off with 30 lives when you get shot 30 times your headband would go red, which means you are out. We played about 5 times, it was so much fun!


After Laser Tag we walked back down to get our bags. When we got our bags, we went to our dorms. An hour later we went down to this amazing sweet shop. It had everything! After that we all went to bed. The next morning, we all got up at 8am. Our first activity of the day was team building. Team building was such a fun way to get along and work with your classmates. After team building we had lunch. Unfortunately after lunch we had to go home. We went to our dorms and packed up our stuff. We got on the bus and came all the way back home, what a great trip!

by Charlotte Cronnelly, J6W


J3 Trip to Explorium


“An amazing day out”, was the reaction of all the girls in J3 after their trip to Explorium.



Visit by Authors


Jackie Burke (J3/J4)

On Wednesday the J3 andJ4 classes received a visit from children's author, Jackie Burke. She has written five books in a series entitled The Secrets of Grindlewood. Jackie told us all about where she finds inspiration for her stories and read some extracts from her books. They are full of magic, mystery and excitement and we were all left wanting to know more and this enchanting world!


Audrey Moore (KGLr/Upr/ J1)

Local author, Audrey Moore, dropped by today and read her books to the girls in KGLr, KGUpr and J1. The girls really enjoyed listening to the adventures of Ping and Po-Li. Many of the girls bought copies of the books too. We have some extra copies in the office if you would like to buy one – they are €8.50 each.


Dogs Trust Visit to J4


Audrey and her dog Lucy visited the J4 classes this week. They were from Dogs Trust. Audrey taught us how to take care of dogs and treat them the right way. We learned that you should never feed dogs chocolate, grapes and raisins!

Audrey told us the story of MacGyver. He was a stray dog who Dogs Trust helped to find the perfect family. We are looking forward to visiting Dogs Trust in May.

By Evie and Ruby, J4R