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Trip to Liverpool

The Beatles form part of the Set Works section of the Leaving Cert Music syllabus so this year Mr Barrett decided to take a group of 5th and 6th year students on a magical mystery tour to the home of the greatest pop band of all time. Liverpool is not only home to The Beatles, but also a beautiful city with a great mix of culture and modern shops.


Altogether we had 43 students and four teachers; Mr Barrett, Ms Ross, Mr Rycraft and Ms O’Sullivan.


Day 1

Our journey began with a 4:30am meet in Dublin Airport! Our flight was a surprisingly short 30 minutes! At the airport we were met by our driver John, who turned out to be a great guide. On the way to our Hotel he stopped of at John Lennons house and the Strawberry Field gates. These unscheduled stops were a great addition to our planned tour.


Lunch in Liverpool

Our first scheduled time was in the Royal Albert Dock.

Royal Albert Dock is Liverpool’s historic heart due to its extensive offer of restaurants, museum and galleries. Located on Liverpool’s incredible World Heritage Site waterfront, the Albert Dock structure features the largest collection of Grade I listed buildings in the whole country. Here we had our first taste of the great shops and beautiful Architecture.


The British Museum

Here we enjoyed a ‘Pop Culture Workshop’ and British Pop/Rock History tour. This history-based workshop explores the significant youth movements that have emerged in the UK as a result of social change. Through an interactive pop quiz highlighting the music and fashions that have emerged from these movements, students explore the social and political reasons for the rise of famous styles from Mods and Rockers to Hippies and Punks.



After our dinner at the hotel all 47 of our group descended on the Odeon Cinema to watch ‘Last Christmas’. We should have known by the empty cinema room that we had possibly made the wrong choice of film… however, after such an early start and long day, it was nice to switch off for a while!


Day 2

After breakfast and a great sleep we met our driver John and headed into the town centre for the Beatles Story Tour.


The Beatles Story Tour

An immersive, atmospheric journey through the lives, times, culture and music of The Beatles.

This turned out to be one of the highlights of our tour. A brilliantly laid out and curated collection of information and memorabilia. Each person gets a set of headphones and can feel free to make their own way through the tour. It was relaxed and informative. We overstayed our scheduled time and spent lots of money in the museum shop which was also excellent.


Radio City tower tour

At 400 feet above the City Centre of Liverpool, the Radio City Tower Viewing Gallery offers

360 degree panoramic views of Merseyside, the Wirral, North Wales and as far away as the

Cumbrian Hills on clearer days. This offered a great view of the city and although short was an excellent stop.


Liverpool Cathedral

This relatively modern Cathedral was a very impressive building. It has the UK’s largest, most magnificent organ; world’s highest and heaviest peal of bells & the world’s highest and widest Gothic arches. Its tower offers spectacular city-wide panoramas. This provided a well needed calm space before we headed shopping!



Liverpool has much to offer. Its shops are well laid out and a person could easily lose track of time…Some did, but we managed to wrangle all 43 up in time to catch our flight!


Pit stop

Bus driver John still had a few tricks up his sleeve. When we ‘missed’ the turn off for the Airport Mr Rycraft's eyes lit up. John was bringing the bus to Anfield for a quick visit to Mr Rycraft's favourite football club, Liverpool. After a few photos, we stopped at the iconic ‘Penny Lane’ Sign for one last photo opportunity before the Airport.


All tired but accounted for, the students made their way home, hopefully with a better understanding of the music, lives and culture around the Beatles and their music. Liverpool is of course more than just the birthplace of the Beatles. It is a beautiful and diverse city with long standing connections to Ireland, and only a 30min flight from Dublin, well worth a visit.

Thank you to Mr Barrett for organising such a brilliant trip and thanks to the girls for taking part and representing Alexandra College so well.


Mr Rycraft