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Alexandra College

Overview & Facilities


Boarding plays a large part in the life of the College and with one in nearly five students choosing to board.

We are more than just a school, we are a community of individuals where everyone is encouraged to help each other and to work for the common good. Our Boarders are central to this sense of community and comprise girls drawn mainly from Ireland, and from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

  • Five-day and seven-day options to suit, five-day boarders may stay in for weekends by arrangement;
  • Good supervision and daily routines;
  • Full participation in sport, music and drama facilitated;
  • Transition Year made easy, including work experience and community care arrangements;
  • Day girls welcome to board for a few days or weeks with short-term flexi boarding;
  • Supervised evening study with designated individual study desks;
  • Transport arranged to and from Heuston Station;

Boarder parents are very welcome to join school committees and the parents’ association.

As a boarder, you have a wonderful opportunity to form friendships that will last a lifetime and to learn about other countries, cultures and traditions. We want you to enjoy your time in the boarding school and to feel you are part of a larger family. This is your home during term time and it is where we want you to be happy, comfortable and secure.

For those staying in at weekends, you will enjoy cultural and social outings and relaxation time so that your weekends are special, just as they would be at home.

Alexandra boarding school students are supported and encouraged to explore and develop in a safe environment that seeks to nurture independence, respect and a well–rounded personality. Living with others provides a dynamic which encourages understanding and fosters mutual respect for the individuality of others.

If you are new to boarding, we can assure you that there are many people here who are happy to help you – staff and fellow pupils who understand your experience and who will help you to fit into and enjoy College life.

We are above all else, a family.

Yvonne Ginnelly
Head of Residence


Our new dedicated residential facility is located on a secure campus in Rathmines, Dublin 6.

This facility is a 5 minute drive, a 7 minute cycle or a 14 minute walk from the main College campus and is also accessible by the Luas, two stops from the College. The campus building was purpose-built to house residential students by the Church of Ireland College of Education and has been refurbished to a high standard by Alexandra College.

Sixth and Fifth-year students are each provided with individual study bedrooms, affording them distraction-free space for this key educational period. International best practice demonstrates that this leads to improved academic performance and a better all-round learning and boarding experience. Junior boarders will each share a dormitory with no more than three other girls. All students have the option to share a room if they prefer. 

Student Study Area in Room

The new premises allows for a more streamlined boarding offering as all boarders are now housed in one building with all facilities available within it.

Meals are be served in the mornings and evenings in a main dining room, while Sixth and Fifth years now also have access to their own separate kitchens, on their own floors. They also have their own dedicated recreation rooms on these floors. Transition and Third Years share a recreation room, again, located on the floor with their bedrooms and First, Second and J4, J5 and J6 girls share a recreation room on their own floor.

The ground floor features a dedicated study room with anytime access for all students, a computer area and six individual music practice rooms with access to all during allocated practice times. The entire building is Wi-Fi enabled. There is also a chapel on campus and access to a secure 12-acre site for walking and other leisure activities.