The TY led Christmas Hamper collection for charity has begun. This year we will be making hampers to go to the Alexandra College Guild, Saoirse Women’s Refuge and St.Vincent de Paul.
Below is the list of hamper fillers needed for both types of hampers. Each form class is to make a particular hamper as per the list.
If we can have these hampers ready for Friday 7th December that would be terrific.

Christmas Hampers for Charity 2018

  • Each form class will have four TY students in charge of helping them make a charity hamper this year.
  • 11 of the hampers will go to the Alexandra College Guild, 4 to Saoirse Women’s Refuge and the rest will go to St. Vincent de Paul. They will contain different items which are listed below 🙂
  • If everyone class could make extra VDP Hampers that would be fantastic.
  • Could all hampers please be ready by Friday December 7th 🙂

Guild Charity Hampers; (ideas)

A Christmas Candle

A Christmas Magazine or one with a Christmas theme or supplement.

A small box of chocolates.

A small Christmas pudding or piece (square/slice) of Christmas cake!

A nice cracker collection (for cheeses).

A packet of quality biscuits.

A Christmas cracker or crackers!

A jar of cranberry sauce.

A small tube of hand cream.

A Christmas tree decoration.

A small gift for an elderly lady e.g. gloves or scarf or fluffy socks.

Small box of Greeting cards (not just for Christmas) e.g. Just to say …..

Some postage stamps.  A pen?

A box of writing paper or a writing pad and envelopes.

A packet of tea.

A jar of coffee.

A box of drinking chocolate.

A two-litre bottle of soft drink.

A packet of mixed nuts/fruit.

A selection of soup sachets.

A picture frame.

A handmade Christmas card signed by the form.


VDP Charity Hampers: (non-perishable food items)

Tinned Fruit/Veg

Packed/Tinned Soup

Tinned Spaghetti & Baked Beans

Tinned Tuna & Fish

Tin Stew/Meatballs

Breakfast Cereals & Muesli

Noodles, Rice & Pasta

Pasta/Rice Sauce

Muesli/Cereal Bars

Tea & Coffee








Soft Drinks

Selection Boxes


Guild & Refuge Charity Hampers 

1B (Room 33) Rebecca C, Liz C, Georgia C, Jessica F

1H (Room 36) Maddie G, Iris H, Alannah H, Sanaa K

1R (Room 10) Roisin Mc, Siofradh Mc, Carla M, Sophie M

1S (Room 18) Alva O’L, Alba P, Jill R, Erika S, Zita S

2B (Room 37) Jemima T, Marta V, Ella W, Hanlin Z

2H (Room 21) Elena C, Karyna C, Hope C, Emma Dent

2R (Room 19) Rhys D, Ava Fitz, Kate G, Ella G

2S (Room 2) Cerys J, Maggie K, Mia M, Sorcha McG

3B (Room 30) Alannah McK, Cara M, Simi, Cristina

3H (Room 29) Aisling R, Ella R, Emma S, Ella T

3R (Room 22) Isabela, Daphne, Nana, Kayona

3S (Room 35) Sarah B, Riley C, Beth D, Noemi D


VDP Charity Hampers

4O (Room 27) Sara E, Odharnait F, Clara G

4T (Room 1) Leah K, Yumna K, Marina M

4Y (Room 3) Kate O’C, Lucia O, Lucie R

4R (Room 23) Kara S, Rui T, Deirdre T, Emma W

5J (Room 7) Oumjy Z, Chengyu, Magda, Ella B

5K (Room 26) Camila C, Molly C, Millie C, Paula

5L (Room 24) Caitlin, Ava Finn, Ella G, Molly K

5M (Room 25) Marta L, Amy L, Isabel McC, Amy M

6J (Room 5) Ruby, Laura P, Alannah Q, Victoria R

6K (Room 31) Isabel S, Ella S, Chitra

6L (Room 32) Cecily, Ariadna, Ella W

6M (Room 4) Emma G, Eva McK, Aine S