Alexandra College Festival of Poetry and Drama – Day One Results – 30th April 2019



1st Year Drama Duologue

First:                                        Aisling Finn & Anabel O’Hora

Second:                                   Kate Saunders & Carolyn Stowe

Third:                                       Zoe Maguire & Ella O’Connell, Excel Okafor & Emily Kate Bacon

Highly Commended:               NA


1st Year Group Improv Competition

First:                                        Aisling Finn, Anabel O’Hora, Kate Saunders, Emily Kate Bacon

Second:                       Iciar De Roda Gonzalez, Aisling O’Sullivan, Zoe Maguire, Ella O’Connell

Third:                                       NA

Highly Commended:               NA


2nd/3rd Year Group Improv Competition

First:                                        Kate Kim, Madison Perkins, Maya McCullough Hertz

Second:                                   Esmee Breakwell, Rebecca Dennison, Lucy Doyle

Third:                                       Charlotte Burge, Alex Natin, Kate O’Leary, Sarah Reynolds

Highly Commended:               NA


3rd/4th  Year Solo Drama Group A

First:                                        Kayona Alhassan

Second:                                   Beth Doherty

Third:                                       Pia McElligott

Highly Commended:  


3rd/4th Year Solo Drama Group B

First:                                        Kate Byrne

Second:                                   Emma Whelan

Third:                                       Keeva Mallin, Lauren Finnerty

Highly Commended:               NA


3rd/4th Year Prepared Speech

First:                                        Lara McCaughey

Second:                                   Beth Doherty

Third:                                       Leah Kanellos

Highly Commended:               NA


Junior Shakespeare

First:                                        Maya McCullough Hertz

Second:                                   Pia McElligott

Third:                                       Nancy Henry

Highly Commended:               Itsesan Atsepoyi



5th Year Poetry Speaking

First:                                        Medbh Dolan 

Second:                                   Lizzie Cosgrove

Third:                                       Victoria O’Sullivan, Rachel Lee

Highly Commended:               Ava Barry, Grace Kennedy