Over 300 attendees filled the concourse on Thursday evening 8th November to attend the HOPE Concert music and arts showcase. Students, teachers and local musicians joined together to provide evening of classical music, jazz, rock music, choral singing, solo singing, dramatic speaking, and poetry readings.

Now in its 15th year, the HOPE Concert is not only a wonderful showcase of the talents of our students and the wider Alexandra College community. Funds raised from this charity event go a long way to helping provide support to HOPE’s important charitable causes.

The Hope Foundation’s primary objective is the protection of children who live on the streets and in the slums of Kolkata. Child protection is about rescuing children from exploitation and abuse, starvation and sickness. It’s about protecting the most vulnerable in society and providing them with immediate care. Depending on the needs of the child, they may go on to live in one of HOPE’s protection homes where they will receive care and support for as long as they need it.  Children rescued by HOPE will have a family and support for life, not just until they turn 18. Other children HOPE rescues may return to live with their families, while receiving on-going community based support from HOPE.

Every year twenty 5th year students from Alexandra College travel to Kolkata, India to see first-hand the life changing work done by the Hope Foundation. The Hope Foundation is a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting the protection of street and slum children, primarily in Kolkata. To learn more about this incredible charity, visit their website.