Dates for Your Diary

Monday 27th           J1 School trip to Sea Life

Tuesday 28th           J1 Swimming

                               Cripps Footwear – 3pm in JS concourse (see below)

Week of 27-31st      J5/J6 Summer exams

Thurs. 30th              J4 school trip (all day)

Fri. 31st                 KGUpr school trip


Monday 3rd     Public Holiday – School closed (Boarding remains open)


From the Office

Please note: Extra-curricular activities will end on Friday, June 7th. Prep and After Care will continue as normal until Thursday, June 13th.

Preschool After Care will continue until Thursday, June 20th


Booklists 2019/2020

JS Booklists for 2019/2020 are now on the school website. (Under Junior School, at the very bottom of the page)


Cripps Footwear (J2-J6)

A rep from Cripps Footwear will be in the school next Tuesday, May 28th at 3pm to measure for brown school shoes. If you would like your daughter’s feet measured or to order school shoes for next year, you are very welcome to come along.


Optional Extra Classes/ Music Options 2019/2020

It will soon be time to choose extra-curricular classes and Music options for your daughter for the next academic year 2019/2020. In the past, you filled out a form and returned it to the JS office. All classes were filled on a first come first served basis.

This year, all optional classes and music lessons  will be available to choose online. A link will be sent to all of you next week and you can follow the directions to choose the classes that you would like your daughter to participate in. Classes will be filled on a first come first served basis again. Please read the notes attached to the options. 

Please make sure that we have your correct email address and phone number. If you have not been receiving emails/texts from the Junior School, contact Ms. Higgins in the JS office immediately – or 01 4704617. 

You will be notified by text with the day and time that the link to the optional extras will be open.


Sports Day 2019

What a great Sports Day we had today! The warm temperatures and sunshine certainly helped put everyone in a good mood. All the Junior girls were excited as they headed up to participate in all the events. 


A big thank you to Ms. Tracey, Mr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Mc Carthy for planning the day, to all the teachers for running the various stations and to the J6s who were amazing at helping set up, run and tidy up after the event. 


Thanks to the generosity of JACA, the girls and their teachers enjoyed an ice-cream treat in the afternoon. 


JS Art Exhibition 2019

Many of you have already commented on the beautiful art work that is displayed around the Junior School. We are so fortunate to have an amazing Art teacher, Ms. Mulcahy, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the hard work that she puts into every class. The girls’ art work is displayed in the reception area, in the JS concourse and in many of the classrooms. You are very welcome to come in and view all of the pieces around the school.


AIJS Short Story Winner

Congratulations to Emily Richardson in J2R.  Her story, “ A Friendly Alien who came to Earth”, came first in the Category A: 1st/2nd Class  in the recent AIJS short story competition. Well done, Emily!

J4 Visit Author – AJ Palacio

On Monday we went to visit Belvedere College because RJ Palacio, author of “Wonder”, was having a talk. The biggest message of the talk was “Choose Kind”.  “Wonder” is a book about a boy with facial differences. Its theme, like the talk, is to choose to be kind to everyone around us. We were able to buy books there or bring our own copies and get them signed. The talk was very interesting and we enjoyed it a lot. We really recommend reading “Wonder”.  It’s a great book!

By Emma and Eva, J4R”.


J2R and J2W Dodder Walk

On Tuesday 21st May, J2R and J2W went for a walk along the local route of the river Dodder. We started at Milltown Bridge and we crossed the Packhorse Bridge, which has a pedestrian refuge which dates back to the time in history when carts and horses were the main form of transport.  The refuge was used by pedestrians who needed to step out of the way of oncoming carts. We saw a terrace of mill workers’ houses and the weir. We walked to the tall red laundry tower and under the bridge at the Nine Arches. We looked for signs of stalactites hanging from the limestone and we listened to the echo of our voices. We saw Classon’s Bridge in the distance beside the Dropping Well. We saw a heron and a few ducks. We enjoyed working together to learn about the local history and geography of Milltown. Thank you to Ms. Fitzgerald who accompanied Ms. Martin and Ms.Gorry on this trip.

J3 visit Dublinia

On Tuesday, the J3 classes went to Dublinia. We all found it very interesting and fun. In Dublinia, we learned a lot about the Vikings and Medieval times.


We went to different exhibits in the museum. The first few exhibits were about Vikings. We saw the inside of a long ship, the inside of a long house and learned about Viking gods. We found out about child slaves and different items that the Vikings traded like salt, amber and furs. The Vikings travelled by long boat and in order to get to places FAST, they rowed night and day. Their helmets were made of leather or metal, depending on how rich they were. The Vikings did not actually have horns on their helmets, because if they were in a fight, the enemy could pull them down.


In the second half, we learned about medieval times. We learned about the different punishments. One punishment was being thrown in a fire; another punishment was if you were a slave and you disobeyed your master, your hands and feet would be cut off and you would be left in the street to die. In medieval times, the black plague and leprosy were common diseases. 


We visited a medieval fair and got to try on clothing and we got to look at the weapons they would have used in battle. 


There was a lot to see and do in Dublinia. We didn’t want to leave and would definitely go back again if we had the chance!


By Joey, Aifric, Saoirse and Beth

J3R & W

J6 – National Gallery/Natural History Museum

On the 21st of May 2019, the two classes from J6 went to the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum. We set off at approximately 10:00am and hopped on the Luas to the city. First, we arrived at the National Gallery. We saw many paintings of all different styles, an especially amazing one was by an Italian artist, Caravaggio. After the amazing tour of the highlights of the National Gallery, we went down to the park for lunch. It was a lovely temperature and very enjoyable, but we couldn’t stay for long because we had an appointment at the Natural History Museum. It was fabulous there and so interesting. We went around in teams and filled in an activity booklet. It was packed with animals of all different types and it was very impressive.

From all of the J6s, thank you so much Ms. Mahon and Mr. Fitzgerald for taking us on this trip!


By Kate Murphy (J6W)

Solo Singers – Summer Concert

What a lovely afternoon we had on Thursday when the group of Solo Singers from J4-J6 entertained us all with a wonderful concert. Well done to all the girls involved1 Thank you to their teacher Ms. Fetherston for preparing the girls so well and to Ms. O’ Connor for accompanying the girls on piano.


Dates for Remainder of Term


Monday 3rd            Public Holiday – School closed (Boarding remains open)

Tuesday 4th             J1 Swimming

                               J3 school trip (all day)

Tues 4th/Wed 5th    Bizworld programme J5R

Wed 5th                  KGLr End of Year Concert (9.15am)

Thursday 6th           French Day – wear red/white/blue.

                               KGLr school trip

Friday 7th               J2 school trip – all day

                               J1 school trip (morning)

                               J6 school trip -all day

Tuesday 11th           J1 Swimming

                               J1 End of Year Concert 9.10am

                               JS Dance Display 1.30pm in HWC (J1-J6 classes to perform)

Wed 12th                KGUpr End of Year Concert (9.15am)

                               PS End of Year Shows –(PSLr 10.15am and PSUpr 11am)

                               Summer reports go home

Thursday 13th         J6 Farewell Assembly 1.15pm in HWC

Friday 14th            Terms ends for KgLr to J6 at 12.30pm (No Aftercare)

Friday 21st             Preschool term ends at 12pm.