The Leaving Cert results will be available in the College tomorrow at 9.00am.

If you are unable to come to the College to collect your results, you can access them online from 12.00pm on Wednesday 16th using this link –

Once you have your results, you can use this handy online calculator to add up your points.



Each year, The Irish Times publishes the points required for each course. This will give you an idea of what you might be offered but remember if you did not quite reach the required points you may still be offered a place in the second round of CAO offers.

The first round offers will come out on Monday the 21st and will go to those who have achieved the required points (or higher) for their CAO choices. If you have achieved sufficient points for your first choice, you will be offered that course and you will not have the option to select your second choice.

If you were offered your second, third or fourth choice during the first round, you may still be offered your first choice during the second round of offers. This will depend on how many people achieved the required points or accepted their place in that specific course. You can accept an offer and will have the opportunity to accept one of your higher choices, should you be offered a place in the second round.

Offers will continue until all of the places on each course are taken, so don’t worry if you did not receive an offer first time round, there will be other opportunities to get into the course you want.

We hope you are happy with the results you receive, however, if you are not satisfied you will have the opportunity to view one of your exam papers. You must request this before 4.00pm on August 21nd and viewings will take place at the College in early September. You can bring one other person with you; it is always a good idea to bring a relative or a friend as teachers are unlikely to be available due to the viewing times being scheduled on the weekend.


We wish you all the very best of luck!