TY student Simi Oluborode talks about her experience running a mini-company with her classmates at the TY Market Day

On Friday 30th November, the TYs were finally able to showcase what we had been working so tirelessly on since September. I was so relieved that it was finally Market Day because I had been through so much stress this last week trying to keep everything together.

All the TYs rushed into the concourse to choose the perfect location for their stall. My group chose one on the outside so that more people could have easier access to our stall. Then, we began decorating the tables. Our group was quite creative by adding cotton wool to make a Christmassy effect. Then the waiting game began. Once the bell rang, students from each year started looking around the stalls that appealed to them most. Some parents and staff members also came to support us. The atmosphere in the concourse was one that can only be attributable to Alexandra College.

I’m sure that each mini-company was happy with the amazing turnout and hopefully made a bit (or a lot) of cash! Many of the girls are donating any profit that they receive to charities that mean something to them and I think it’s a great way to give back during this time of year.

Simi Oluborode