Organised by the Head Girl and Prefects of the Class of 2018, the Joan Davies Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship Event was held on Tuesday 6th November at 7pm at Alexandra College.

After a few opening words from Principal Ennis, the Class of 2018 took over the show, introducing each of the fantastic guest speakers with a little of their backgrounds. The wonderful panel of pioneering women from the fields of technology, culinary arts, politics, and sport, shared stories and their experiences with leadership, being and entrepreneur, and how they sought to achieve their own success.

Catherine Martin (Deputy Leader of the Green Party) spoke about her road to becoming a politician, the establishment of Ireland’s first Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, and what needs to be done to address the gender imbalance in politics.

Alex Alumna Domini Kemp (celebrity chef and entrepreneur) told the audience of her experience at the school and how it prepared her for life as a chef and entrepreneur in times of both success and failure.

Maeve Kneafsey (CEO of the digital strategy and marketing agency Elucidate) spoke about her work in the fields of sales, publishing, technology, and her ventures in Silicon Valley, as well as how a mixture of perseverance, luck, and listening to good advice is key to succeeding.

The event was closed by Nikki Evans, forward for the Irish Hockey Team and alumna of Alexandra College, who talked about how her active sporting life at Alex in addition to her studies prepared her for balancing an international hockey career with her calling as a solicitor.

Once again, a very special thanks to our guest speakers and the Class of 2018 for organising this wonderful event. We hope that these inspiring talks on leadership will help you all on your journeys to become tomorrow’s new leaders.